boutique experience

Maria Tsiliakou

Maria is co-founder and Senior Partner in “Tsiliakou – Brouma & Associates Boutique Law Office”. She is a LEGAL CONSULTANT, Accredited Attorney at Law, BARRISTER at Supreme Court (Athens Bar Association RE 22586) with expertise in business and company law, daily handling the legal affairs of many large companies.

For nearly two decades Maria provides legal services to hundreds of companies and individuals seeking legal protection in their affairs. She also offers legal advice to multinational as well as to start up companies that in particular need in their start an effective legal protection.


Maria is practicing law since the mid 90s. She has an LLM in International Business Law (University of Lancashire) and extensive experience in the establishment and whole practice of companies of all legal forms. She has systematically dealt with copyright vesting and intellectual property cases and she is considered as an excellent connoisseur of the particularities of the Greek private market. She also is one of the few Greek lawyers who holds the title of the arbitrator in Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

She is also a Doctor of Criminology (University of Panteion) and has a large scale of scientific publications, books and articles as also a regular authoring in Greek economic portals.



  • Commercial transactions, Founding of any legal partnership form in Greece and/or countries of the European Union, Offline and Online Business, Legal protection of partners and shareholders.
  • Counseling on day to day running business on every upcoming legal issue.
  • Managing expectations on what can be realistically achieved according to Greek legal jurisdiction.
  • Drafting, submitting, approving and negotiating on commercial and corporate contracts, agreements, license agreements, memoranda.

  • Guiding on debt collection practices /initiate debt recovery & enforcement proceedings.
  • Drafting official legal opinion reports on Insolvency regime proceedings.
  • Providing guidance and official reports on client’s legal rights and obligations.
  • Screening Greek/EU/International current legislation for legal compliance of contracts, government regulations, intellectual property rights, patents etc under the Greek jurisdiction.
  • Standing before the court on behalf of the Client on all court procedures of all Decrees, providing evidences to support client in legal proceedings.
  • Interviewing witnesses, defendants and companies.
  • Researching legal evidence for backing up client’s cases.
  • Researching precedents in legal libraries/data bases to provide defense lines.
  • Accomplishing/Negotiating on out of court settlements.
  • Standing before legislative and regulatory bodies or government agencies (Appeals, Quasi judicial Appeals, State Liability and Damages, indictments).
  • Negotiating with barristers, solicitors, legal executives and their clients, for client’s out most cost-effective benefit.
  • Coordinating, planning and building regulations applications.
  • Monitoring national and EU legislation.
  • Advising businesses on the impact, interpretation and implementation of new policies and legislation.